The WAHM Integrity Promise

Welcome WAHMs and other artisans! 

The “WAHM Integrity Promise” is a voluntary pledge regarding complicated issues in the WAHM world.  It is our goal that we can come together as a WAHM community and agree on some basic ideas about copyrighted artwork. 

Copyright laws are complicated, and we all have our own individual moral compasses. 

It is our hope that customers will choose to uphold the same standards by not asking WAHMs to violate the promises below.

The “WAHM Integrity Promise” applies to business transactions only.  This includes items sold for money or traded for other goods.   Items made for our own personal use or to give as gifts do not apply.

1.  We promise not to intentionally recreate copyrighted material, such as team logos, licensed characters, or other art that is not in the public domain.  “Recreating” includes digitalization, embroidery, painting, applique, and all other forms of artistic media.

2.  We promise not to intentionally copy the artwork of another WAHM/artisan.

3.  We promise to uphold this integrity by not attempting to circumvent (i.e. “get around”) the above statements with creative marketing techniques.  For example, we will not give away a “free” item with a copyrighted image along with another purchase.

Please join us by “signing” below.  In the comment area, type your first name, business name, and business URL.  Comments are screened so that only those “signing” the promise will be listed below.  If you’d like to discuss the “WAHM Integrity Promise,” please apply to join our yahoo group at

Thanks for your support!

Maggie Broderick, Burgh Baby Gear

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